Proudly Gay

The Peel is the Gayest Party in town. With its unique Gay Male atmosphere, The Peel has proudly been serving gay Melbourne Men since 1988.
Playing Pop to Dance, Fresh to Old School and Always Camp Classics makes for a busy dance space. While Three Bars and a Covered Heated Courtyard for those cool nights means you can always cruise from one area to the next. 

The Peel is Proudly a Gay Male Venue and has an Exemption from the Equal Opportunities Commission (H142/2013) that allows it to legally discriminate. We ask if you are not a GAY Male, but are attending as a guest of one, that you be respectful and mindful of your behaviour during your visit. The Peel's Unique Gay Male Exemption makes for a great boys night out.  All Roads Lead to The Peel.

Dress Code and Safety

In general Hoodies, Athletic or Sportswear, (including some Shorts) Boob Tubes, Short Skirts, flat open toed shoes & Thongs, are not suitable attire for The Peel. Backpacks, Satchels & Bags must ALWAYS be cloaked upon arrival and may be checked. (Small man-snatches & purses excluded)

In the interests of Safety Please confine your dancing to the dancefloor Keep all bottles & glasses off the floor area. We remind all guests of our gay boys to respect that our dancefloor Podium (stage) is Reserved for the pleasure of our Gay Male Regulars 


Please see our find us section for alternative forms of transport

Our Neighbours

Did you know the high pitched frequency of the female voice (and some drag queens!), has been known to shatter glass windows over 2km away? Well at least next door according to our neighbors. I’m sure it has nothing to do with all us gay boys. Well honeys, our very tired residents next door have jobs and busy lives and like all of us need their beauty sleep. The neighbors sleep patterns are particularly sensitive to screams, frivolity, and and a often disrupted by what is often describe as loud girly laughter coming from our Courtyard. (must be us boys after all)

 We ask all of you to be mindful of our neighbors and be respectful while enjoying yourself in the Courtyard and Streets around the vicinity of the Peel. Please come and go from the area with as little fuss as you can manage.